Cannabis Infused Tequila

Cannabis Infused Tequila


1 large Mason jar or beverage container

1 cheesecloth or pantyhose

1 Bottle of your favorite clear tequila

1 1/8 ounces of decarboxylated cannabis


Cannabis infused tequila is a great summer fiesta beverage to add to your Taco Tuesday and beyond. Keep in mind that the effects of a "cross fade" are REAL! When it comes to alcoholic canna-drinks the alcohol will kick in right away but your cannabis buzz may take up to an hour similar to how long it takes your edibles to kick. All we are saying enjoy while being safe and responsible with this recipe.

  1. Take the beverage container of your choice and fill the container with your choice of tequila
  2. Place your 1/8 of decarboxylated cannabis in the cheese cloth or pantyhose. You are free to seal the cloth to keep the cannabis in but it is perfectly fine if cannabis floats freely in the container, just be sure to strain your tequila at the end. (If you aren't sure how to decarboxylate your cannabis click here for instructions on how.)
  3. Submerge your cannabis filled cheesecloth or pantyhose into your tequila filled beverage container
  4. Place the beverage container in a dark place from 24 hours, up to 2 weeks. This gives you the best potency content and taste


Be safe and responsible!

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